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  • Register for the BojoBucks by clicking here. Once you register you'll receive 100 saved points automatically.
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  • The point value for each food item will be listed on all the pages. When you add each item to your shopping cart, the appropriate number of points will be calculated specifically for that item.
  • Step 3
  • On your checkout page, you will see a complete listing of the items ordered along with your "Saved Points" and "Today's Points". "Saved Points" are the total amount of points you have accumulated from previous online orders. "Today's Points" are the amount of points you have received with your current online order.
  • You have the option of allocating part or all of your "Saved Points" toward a discount by clicking on the "Points Status" button. When the pop-up window appears, simply enter the amount of "Saved Points" you want applied toward your discount (you must enter a number in increments of 100). Your discount will then appear in your shopping cart.
  • Your "Today's Points" will not be applied toward your "Saved Points" balance until after you complete your current order transaction.
  • Step 4
  • After entering your credit card information, click "Complete Order" to exit the shopping cart area. You will see your bill, with the discount, on the proceeding page. A confirmation e-mail, describing in detail your purchase order, will be automatically sent to your mailbox.
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Here Are the Rules

  1. The Bojangles’ BojoBucks Reward Program is for the 3 locations listed on this website only.
  2. BojoBucks accumulated can only be applied toward future purchases. Here's an example:
    • You gain 100 Points ("Today's Points") on an order you placed January 9, 2018. You cannot apply those 100 points toward a discount on your January 9, 2018 order, but you can get a discount with those 100 points on your next order. After your January 9, 2018 order, your 100 points become redeemable as "Saved Points".
  3. Orders placed through telephone at our customer service center will not be counted as BojoBucks points. Only online orders will count.
  4. You may only redeem your "Saved Points" in 100 point increments. There is no cap on the amount of "Saved Points" you can accumulate.
  5. The BojoBucks Reward Points value are assigned to individual food products and may be subject to change because due to promotional offers, market price adjustment, discontinuation of an item, etc.
  6. Points are not transferable and have no cash value. BojoBucks can only be redeemed as discounts toward actual online food orders.
  7. Bojangles’ reserves the right to discontinue the BojoBucks Reward Program at any time and without prior notice.
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